Monday, January 24, 2011

Anacondas Snakes habitat and facts

Anacondas Snakes most of theses that exists on the planet

Anaconda Snakes is not poisonous and can live on average about 10 years.

This snake may be difficult to 280 pounds and most larger specimens Anaconda that were seen were about 11 meters long which is not proven. 1944 has found the toughest female Anaconda, which was hard 280 pounds and was long an amazing 11.34 meters. It is found in North America on the border between two states of Venezuela and Colombia.
This was evidence that females are heavier than males Anaconda. The skin of these large predators is green with black dots that the whole body. In relation to its vast body of the head is a lot smaller when you look at. Fathers are high on the head, which gives the opportunity to swim until only her eyes out given the opportunity to hunt prey from ambush.
Anaconda can be seen only in South America and in countries such as Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Guyana, Colombia, Trinidad and Venezuela. They inhabit the river Orinoco and Amazon. They are aquatic animals and as such they the two rivers provide great opportunities for propagation. Anaconda Snake are carnivores and feed all kinds of fish and birds.
In addition to these animal food and even with all the mammals in the area and the creeping and sometimes known to attack and eat large carnivore such as Jaguar and Crocodile. Their favorite prey are deer and Cayman. They tighten their prey until they can not crush them and then eat.
Sometimes it happens that makes Anaconda ambush, climb a tree and just jumped on his prey then his big teeth, bites and start screwing around him. Mammals who come to drink water in the river where there are these biggest snake in the world are strong risk because Anaconda Snakes ambush waiting for their prey and when in the water. Her huge body to hide under water for a few seconds and catch prey. Swallow prey that they catch from the head to the back of the body. Her mouth is very ductile and omoguva them to swallow whole crocodile. When you swallow their prey Anaconda are very slow and the rest is up to several weeks. When you eat a big booty Anaconda Snakes do not need to eat several months and one year.
So they entered the food is enough for a long period of time. Anaconda breeding usually takes the rainy periods. About 6 months after mating Anaconda need to bring their young into the world. In an Anaconda giving birth can take from 20 to 110 young Anaconda. Their length is about 60 cm, while their weight on average about 80 grams. Interesting is that immediately after birth they go into the water already and are ready to hunt small fish, frogs and lizards.
In addition to the Green Anaconda, there are others from this kind of like Dark Anaconda, Bolivian Anaconda and the Yellow Anaconda.

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