Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hydrophis Belcheri - Most Venomous Snake

actually saying 'The Most venomous or Toxic'.
Belcher Sea Snake

Hydrophis Belcheri - Most Venomous Snake

Snake's Record: Inland Taipan is not world's most toxic venomous snake else rightly saying it is terrestrial world's most toxic land snake on earth. Neither it is Beaked Sea Snake (Enhydrina schistosa). Snake which is 100 times more venomous than Taipan, Beaked Sea Snake or any other snake on earth is Hydrophis Belcheri.
Record's Disagreement: Some snake enthusiasts and herpetologists may not agree with above sentence and would either name Beaked Sea Snake (Enhydrina schistosa) or the Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus microlepidotus) as having most toxic venom than Belcheri.
Record's Agreement: But present situation is changing, more recent studies and better results of improving experiments have suggested and compelled majority of scientific world to accept 'Hydrophis Belcheri' as the real contender No.1. Even literary world seems to be in agreement with this as many recent encyclopedias says it's 'Hydrophis Belcheri". Example: To verify, refer reputed DK'S ILLUSTRATED FAMILY ENCYCLOPEDIA Edition 2007, Page No. 918, lower bottom under title 'Most Venomous Animals' and read the first sentence. Finally majority always wins and recent researches and new data seems to be in favour of Belcheri, so whether you agree or not, Belcher's Sea Snake remains the most venomous snake on planet earth.

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