Thursday, January 20, 2011

Multibanded krait ( Bungarus Multicinctus )

Multibanded Krait Bungarus Multicinctus

Multibanded krait ( Bungarus Multicinctus )

Snake's Description: Multibanded Krait is black or bluish-black in colour with narrow white bands.
Snake's Toxic Rank 8: Multibanded Krait is the world's No.8 venomous snake.
Snake's Characteristics: Multibanded Krait is most active at night. Its venom 'Alpha-Bungarotoxin' is a powerful neurotoxin. Its victims are usually fishermen who untangle these deadly snakes from large fish nets.
Snake's Habitat: Multibanded Kraits are often found in aquatic areas hunting for fish, frogs or other snakes.
Snake's Length: Multibanded Krait's average length is in range of 1.8 meters.
Snake's Distribution: Multibanded Kraits now rare in wild, are most preferred edible snakes in China. Found near islands of Southern China Sea, Taiwan, Vanuatu, Fiji, etc.

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