Monday, January 10, 2011

New Snake Species Discovered In Honduras

A blind snake previously unknown to science has been discovered in Honduras and described in the latest edition of the Zootaxa journal.
The new species, called Typhlops tycherus, was found dead at the side of the road in February this year.
The snake was found in the Zona de Amortiguamiento (buffer zone) of Parque Nacional Montaña de Santa Bárbara, Departamento de Santa Bárbara, Honduras.
At a total length of 371 mm, the Typhlops tycherus is the largest blind snake in Mesoamerica.
According to the authors, other factors that differentiate this snake from other Mesoamerican Typhlops is that it has 22–22–22 scales around the body and it has a dark brownish gray dorsum with a well-defined pale yellowish gray to immaculate white ventral coloration.
The snake was described by Josiah Townsend, Larry Wilson, Lorraine Ketzler, and Ileara Luque-Montes.

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