Wednesday, February 2, 2011

10 Odd Ways Dogs Get Around

Not all dogs get around by riding in cars or walking. Check out these 10 oddball ways some dogs get from Point A to Point — whether they like it or not.

What happens to dogs who don’t win the Iditarod…

Is this a puppy, or a purse, or an unfortunate morphing of the two? (Yes, yes, and sadly, yes.)

This is no ordinary puppy purse, and this is no ordinary dog. He works alongside Austrian special forces paratroopers, up in the air and down on the ground. Here they’re parachuting down to Norway. (Photo: Telegraph)

"And the next thing I know during my hike in Norway, this dog falls out of the sky and right into my backpack!”

Dog fanny packs. Why, oh why?

This dog’s name is Zipper. Now we know why. (Photo: Hilda Oropeza; Hand: Michael Chihak)

The only things she’s missing are a cup holder and an ashtray.

One of Moscow’s many stray dogs who knows how to navigate the metro. It’s an exhausting life, and sleep comes quickly once on a soft surface.

A Rider woo.
Back Pack

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