Tuesday, February 8, 2011

'Demon Cat' Carcass Found In Arizona

themorningstarr-Hunters in San Carlos, Arizona have found the carcass of an unidentified beast with elongated fangs and possible wings.

The carcass resembles that of a domestic cat, but with several noticeable differences. The animal is described as “sabertoothed” because it’s incisor teeth are elongated into fangs, the front limbs of the creature are also longer than an ordinary cat’s legs and appear to have an extra joint giving the appearance of large feet. Even more bizarrely the carcass reveals evidence of possible wings protruding from the animal’s back.

The carcass was found by two hunters in a remote area near San Carlos, they passed the remains on to Jess Underberg from Globe, AZ. who is hoping to try and identify the strange looking beast.

The long fangs and elongated front limbs are characteristic of descriptions given of the infamous “goat sucker” or chupacabras. However most chupacabras sightings are dismissed as coyotes with mange, not felines with wings.

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Note: My mother related a story to me years ago, of a strange creature found somewhere in the swamps of Arkansas, sometime possibly in the early part of the 1920s.

She said the animal had the body of a dog and the head and claws of a cat. It climbed trees and made a raspy sound, like a cross between a dog bark and a cat cry.

Supposedly, hunters tracked the animal down and killed it. What it was, my mother never found out.

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