Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Dogs & Aviation Security

The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) National Explosives Detection Canine Team Program is an important tool used to deter terrorism in aviation today. Their teams are the most mobile form of explosive detection and can be utilized in all areas of the airport environment. An explosive detection canine team is used to search narrow and wide-body aircraft, vehicles, terminals, warehouses, and luggage in the airport environment.

Dogs are looking for a variety of explosive odors that they have been trained to detect. Once the dog identifies the explosive odor, it responds accordingly. Recent scientific studies have indicated that the dog actually uses a "bouquet" of several different components of the explosive to make this determination.

TSA dogs have been utilized to clear sports arenas, schools, office buildings as well as all areas of the airport environment. Once again the bomb dog's mobility and ability to identify the source of an explosive odor are critical elements in its operational use.

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