Sunday, February 6, 2011

gecko -Bell Albino eggs Hatched

Ok so we have been waiting on our first pair of Bell albino eggs to hatch and yesterday they finally did after 41 days of incubation. They were incubated for males, with the hope of replacing my current breeding male, with one of these two that hatched. What I'm looking for is a nice Tangerine Bell to go with my female. Our male is bright but not really sporting the markings that I wanted in a mate for her. These two that was born yesterday look promising, not to mention they are HUGE babies. They are almost the same size as a 1 month old Leopard gecko. So I'm considering the possibility that they may be Giants. I spoke with Nevin Moyer, the friend who I got the parents from, and we cant figure out why these two babies would be so large since neither of the parents are large themselves. He has a line of "Liberty Bells" but the parents arent from that line I don't think, and even if they were, like Trempers, the parents must visibly be Giants in order to pass the Giant gene. So I don't know what to think about the large size of these two babies. I will keep everyone updated with growth rates as time passes.

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