Sunday, February 6, 2011

gecko -our first Bell albino eggs

Now I don't normally breed Bell Albinos. But these were a gift from Nevin Moyer last year. He sent me a nice pair of his Bell Albinos along with a Gem snow het raptor after I did some graphics work for him. I really loved the pair so I kept them, now I got my first pair of eggs from the two he sent me. I was sort of surprised that they laid so soon. My female, Dixie surprised me with a pair of eggs tonight. Ok maybe I wasn't really all that surprised. About a week ago I noticed she had some egg follicles. So I took her away from B.B. (the male) and put her some where so she could rest in peace till she laid her eggs. I was sort of hoping she would reabsorb them if at all possible but she didn't, and tonight she laid us some very healthy looking eggs.

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