Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Madagascar wildlife

Here is a sample of Madagascar's wildlife
A chamaeleon. You find him hard to see? That is how he is meant to be!

Maybe is is easier to look him straight in the eye!
A tree boa sleeps away the day - he hunts mostly at night

The Radiated Tortoise is endangered, surviving only thanks to captive breeding programmes

A lizard emerges from his nocturnal hideaway to warm up his blood in the early morning sunshine

A three-eyed lizard treads deftly on the hot sand
A day gecko clings to the side of a building as he looks for flies

A giant fruit bat glides through the forest
A ring-tailed mongoose on the hunt for lizards and geckos...
...or a delicasy like this giant millipede (about 6 inches long) that crawled out from under my pillow

A giraffe-necked weevil, though no-one can think how it got its name...

A male weaver bird brings a straw to weave into his nest

The curious Hamerkop, an egret-like bird, hunts for frogs in a paddy field

The Black Egret forms a parasol with his wings, enticing little fish into the shade

A gaggle of White-faced Whistling ducks keeps an alert look-out for predators

A Madagascan tree fern

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