Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Modular Snake Robot – Exceptional Locomotion Capabilities

Here’s a robot ready to perform some awesome stunts – Modular Snake Robot, designed to craw, climb, and swim traverse a wide range of terrains. From climbing poles to creeping inside pipes and conduits to traversing small grooves in walls, the snake robot is capable of executing many physical tasks that humans do. It is an all-in-one robot, which can carry out multiple functions that would require several robots to do.

Modular Snake Robots have been purposely designed to accomplish the maintenance of pipelines, plumbing in large buildings and fiber optic networks. Moreover, it can also act as a device for espionage. This robot enjoys internal degrees of freedom, which enables it to perform different types of locomotion, making it more competent than the conventional wheeled and the legged robots.

The crucial features of robots include – modular robot design and snake robot locomotion. Locomotion of the snake robot is achieved through the designed gaits. Essentially, these gaits are cyclic internal motions that interact with environment to push ahead. Further, the robots can move through a variety three-dimensional terrains with the help of the gaits.

The Snake Robots are undeniably versatile mechanisms offering optimum efficiency and toughness.

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