Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Pictures of toxic Snakes

This is all about snakes, that slithering reptile! Our goal is for people to post their experiences, pictures, stories, sites, favorite ideas and thoughts about snakes. To start it all off, I would like to let everyone know of a great site I came across. Pictures of Snakes has brilliant free pictures of snakes available for web use! So if you are creating a blog or website, and you need some pictures of snakes, you should definitely have a look. Click on the link and you will be taken to a page with some really good snake pictures. Some of the photos on this blog were taken from there! Pictures of Snakes is what i was looking for. Please let us know of any other good sites about snakes that you come across.
The debate has always centered on what is the world’s deadliest snake. There are so many different thoughts on this subject matter. Do you for example take the poison content per volume, or do you take how much poison the snake is capable of injecting? I.e. a snake can be the most venomous, but it is a docile snake, with fangs at the back of its mouth, that seldom bites people, and only injects a small amount of venom. Or do you take a slightly less venomous snake that it is aggressive, has fangs at front of its mouth, and injects a huge volume of poison? Which of these ranks higher? This is the debate.

Anyways, for those of you that know Africa, there is an incredible range of snakes. It is a continent that has hundreds of different snake types. Many of which are extremely deadly. One of most deadly snakes in Africa is the black Mamba. This snake has a pitch black mouth, hence its name. I have seen them 4m long, as thick as my forearm. Their poison is deadly, they move extremely quickly, and are one of the most aggressive snakes. Their venom is a neurotoxin, which basically causes you to stop breathing fairly quickly if they bite you. For years we have been frequenting the bushveld and always stay at the same place. For the last five years there have always been leaves and thatch in the bath. We have never understood why, and have looked for what caused this. We thought that it might be some bats. Well, on one trip we found this massive shed skin of a mamba. To our surprise we realized that over the last few years we have had a mamba living in our roof! They can be so elusive if they want to, but don’t corner it, or it will strike at you!

So where do all the pictures of snakes come from? The average photographer has very few pictures of snakes. They are very hard to come across and even harder to photograph. Snakes are quick, elusive, and scarce! It is understandable that there is a shortage of good pictures of snakes on the internet. The site mentioned earlier has a great range of pictures of snakes as a snake specialist, catches and documents them, and then takes pictures of the snakes he has captured. They also have their scientific name, which is impressive. It is his absolute passion and hobby. He has an extensive range of different species on display. So if you are looking for an in depth snake pictures website, this is one to visit.

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