Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Random Unusual Facts About Animals Part 4

Ok now this is my part 4 of the random weirdness of animals around the world. Go through them, and maybe appreciate what you didn't know. Enjoy!

Frogs may be hypnotized by placing them on their back and gently stroking their stomach.

Even if you cut off a cockroach's head, it can live for several weeks.

Research indicates that mosquitoes are attracted to people who have recently eaten bananas.

Some ribbon worms will eat themselves if they can’t find any food.

Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

There are more plastic flamingos in the U.S, than real ones.

Owls are one of the only birds who can see the color blue.

A jellyfish is 95 percent water.

The starfish is one of the only animals that can turn its stomach inside out.

A goldfish has a memory span of 3 seconds.

A mule won't sink in quicksand but a donkey will.

More people are killed annually by donkeys than in airplane crashes.

Penguins are the only birds that can leap into the air like porpoises.

By some unknown means, an iguana can end its own life.

Pigs can cover a mile in 7.5 minutes when running at top speed.

When a horned toad is angry, it squirts blood from its eyes.

A crocodile cannot stick its tongue out.

A scallop has 35 blue eyes.

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