Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Speculation of Origins - Cryptids & Monsters

Where do cryptids come from? Those strange creatures that pop up in the glare of headlights, or swim through our nightmares. What branch on Earth's evolutionary tree do they exist, or do they exist only in our subconscious mind?

Perhaps creatures such as the Lock Ness Monster, Champ, Raystown Ray, the Jersey Devil, Big Foot (just to name a few), really don't exist in our world, except when a portal opens from another dimension, allowing extra-dimensional creatures to roam our woods and fields, our lakes, our jungles.

Or what if these creatures all existed in Earth's past, then some aliens from another distant solar system came, snatched up a few samples of earthly species, much like researchers and scientists do on earth today? And just what if those alien scientists have finally decided to bring those ancient earth creatures back? T-Rex in your back yard, so to speak. Now there is a chilling thought.

Quite a number of people have claimed to see dragons and other supposedly mythical creatures, such as the Native American Thunderbird, a bird so large that it can pick up a child and whisk it away.

What if the aliens are so adept at manipulating DNA, that they have brought back to life ancient species that once roamed earth, or possibly even another earth-like planet?

Haven't we humans changed the wolf so much that we now have Chihuahuas, tiny dogs that look nothing like their ancient ancestors. Or consider any domesticated animal. Have we not bred some of them to the point, that they only vaguely resemble animals which once roamed free?

Could the Lock Ness Monster, Big Foot, or the Jersy Devil, simply be a culmination of human fears lurking in the darkest recesses of the human mind, or could they be real but misplaced in time? Or could they be creations of mixed DNA, a man beast, a hybrid offspring of two radically different species.

Whatever people are seeing, whatever monsters and living myths lurk in the shadowed recesses of forests, or the dark corners of the human psche, witnesses claim they are real. One day we may be able to fling back the curtain of ignorance and shine light upon the truth.

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