Saturday, February 5, 2011

Two World Most Poisonous Creatures


you search the most poisonous amazing animals, then you found some best enormous animals, if you see then you can't believe on it. First is Jellyfish. Since 1954 near about 5,567 peoples death due to Jellyfish. Thier venom is most poision in the world or most deadly in the world. when his venom enter to any human body then first his toxins attracts to the heart nervous system and stop them therefore human going to dead. most of the jelly box found in asia and australia.

King Cobra

King Cobra is a very beautiful creature, but her venom is also a more poisonous like jellyfish. also a largest venomous snake in the world. Most of snake found near about 5.6 m(18.5 ft) long. King Cobra eat snakes, we can say Ophiophagus. A small bits of this snake easily kill a human. A reserach found , King cobra capable to kill a african elephant with his venom. his venom is 5 times faster than to black mamba.

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