Monday, January 24, 2011

Blue Racer Snake

To now know that the Blue Racer Snake is not toxic and can poison the man, not even any other animal.
Blue Racer can be seen in various places in the United States. Their site is wetlands, forests, lakes and even a tree can be seen. Food is small rodents and mammals such as, mouse, frogs, small birds and also small crocodiles.
Female Blue Racer Snake in the world can bring 4 to 30 eggs. Eggs passed in the world at the end of summer usually in a hole where they were hidden to protect them from other predators. Today it is estimated that these snakes have about 70,000 thousand. Not dangerous to humans, but people are dangerous for them because it destroys more and more of their home and their place to live less and less.
Blue Racer Snakes are small size and their maximum size can be about 1 meter as the snake belongs to the genus of small and harmless snakes. These snakes inhabit a large part of the United States and half of South America. Characteristics of these snakes are dark black in the head and body which is the same color just a bit brighter. This snake was first found in 1932 year. While female Blue Race preserve their eggs for food during the males seek to help females to protect its eggs from other hungry predators. Greater enemy of the snakes in the nature of the Leopard and the Fox.
Interesting is that Blue Racer Snake live around other poisonous snakes they attacks each other and do not conflict so that the other snake they totally secure. To see these snakes need to go to largest river in the world the Amazon where they are often seen where they have the most more. Some research shows that the Blue Racer Snake can live on average to 15 years which is the average life of these snakes.

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