Monday, January 24, 2011

What do Snakes eat ?

Snakes are carnivores and they most like to eat the food. Some snakes eat small animals and some snakes eat largest animal. There is no snake that likes to eat meat.
Male snakes such as the Blue Racer snakes feeds on small animals such as mouse, birds that have just come into the world and which fall from the nest while the male, more food and small fish.
There are biggest snakes that eat all of what comes and they are dangerous for man, when hungry because they do not choose the food they eat, but all they find on the road. The snake, which are today the most bigger in the world such as Anaconda and Black Mamba can eat large animals such as gazelle, or Crocodile.
It is incredible that Anaconda snakes does not poison but can easily catch any animal that is eaten by a twist about it. Great snakes after a quality meal do not need to eat for several months because they will have the food in your stomach for a long time and long time will take them to this great meal away from their stomach. If you feel threatened when a snake eats its prey it will remove the prey from their mouths and go because they do not want to hurt for one meal.
Male and poisonous snakes now use their poison to their prey easier par. Copperhead will spoil your first inject their poison and then let the prey to the poison to destroy it later eaten.

What to eat snakes for breakfast and dinner?

There are some differences what snakes eat at night and morning. Snakes eat the same food night and day.

What do large snakes eat?

Large snakes eating animals such as zebra, alligator, Fish, other snakes, cats, birds,etc...

What do eat small snakes?

Small snakes eat animals such as the mouse, bird, frog, turtle, fish, small alligators, small cats.Sometimes it happens that snakes eat each other because of their environment without enough food to survive, but these are still rare cases that occur.

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