Thursday, January 20, 2011

Comman Indian Krait ( Bungarus Caeruleus )

Common Krait Bungarus Caeruleus

Comman Indian Krait ( Bungarus Caeruleus )

Snake's Description: Krait is Black or bluish-black in colour with white narrow crossbands and a narrow head.
Snake's Toxic Rank 2: Krait is the world's No. 2 venomous snake. Highly venomous snake after Inland Taipan (Oxyuranus Microlepidotus).
Snake's Characteristics: Kraits are found only in Asia. This poisonous snake is of special concern to man. It is 15 times more deadly than any common cobra. It is active at night and relatively passive during the day. The native people often step on kraits while walking through their habitats. The krait has a tendency to seek shelter in sleeping bags, boots and tents. Its venom is a powerful neurotoxin that causes respiratory failure. Comman Krait is India's, Sri-Lanka's and Pakistan's most venomous snake.
Snake's Habitat: Kraits habitat include open fields, human settlements and dense jungle.
Snake's Length: Krait's average length is about 90 centimeters and maximum of 1.5 meters.
Snake's Distribution: Kraits are found in India, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.
Snake's Photos: Comman Indian Krait's photo gallery.

Comman Indian Krait's Streaming Video.

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