Thursday, January 20, 2011

Philippine Cobra ( Naja Philippinensis )

Philippine Cobra Naja Philippinensis

Philippine Cobra ( Naja Philippinensis )

Snake's Description: Philippine Cobra is a relatively small stocky brown snake.
Snake's Toxic Rank 3: Philippine Cobra is the world's No.3 venomous snake. Extremely poisonous snake after Krait. Please don't judge this snake on its small size, it is extremely deadliest snake from Philippine.
Snake's Characteristics: Philippine Cobras are recognized by the hoods that they flare when angry or disturbed; the hoods are created by the extension of the ribs behind the cobras' heads. Philippine Cobras are famous for their use by oriental snake charmers because they respond well to visual cues. Philippine Cobra is Philippines most poisonous snake.
Snake's Habitat: Philippine Cobra's habitat also include open fields, human settlements and dense jungle.
Snake's Length: Philippine Cobra's average length is usually up to 100 centimeters.
Snake's Distribution: As it name says Philippine Cobras are found in Philippine Islands.

Philippine Cobra's Streaming Video.

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