Monday, January 24, 2011

The deadliest Snake in the World

The deadliest Snake in the World lives in the ocean of the Atlantic Ocean. This snake is black and can grow to 5 meters. Today, there are the Atlantic Ocean, but can be seen in the Mediterranean Sea. This kind of largest snake is so toxic that can kill with just one gram of poison 89 people.
Its venom is the strongest venom of all snakes that exist today in the World. The copperhead is found in 1978 for the first time and until then was a mystery. This snake feeds on fish and other marine animals. To view this snake will need to go to the Atlantic Ocean and to dive to depths of 10 to 20 meters.
This dangerous and poisonous snakes live in the depths of the ocean but can occasionally be seen near the area where the water sometimes comes in search of food. Most toxic snake in the world can be difficult and up to 3 pounds a day by some estimates there are about 12 thousand on the Planet. There were cases that some people died from this very dangerous snake and hope all this will not happen in the future.
The most dangerous snake today contains a poison that may in future have some benefits for scientists because it is known that some snakes have venom that is very important for some diseases in people.If you find yourself to be close to a dangerous and highly poisonous snakes would be good to let it would not have a problem with most toxic snake in the World today. If you do not threaten her or she will not threaten you because she will attack only when you feel that it is threatened when her life is in danger.

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