Monday, January 24, 2011

Ball Python habitat

Ball Python is a species of snake that is not dangerous and that there is no poison. This snake likes to eat and any other snake meat. Today, Ball Python snake has 17,000 thousand and it is the law stacine species because it is more than 30 years on earth was about 70,000. This snake is by nature a very calm and not dangerous to humans. If you had the opportunity to you, this snake bites you will not have a problem because it has no poison. In America there are people who kept this snake as their pet and that is kept in her house in the aquarium. Ball Python snake eating the small animals in nature, such as rabbit, mouse or bird. This snake can grow about 3 feet today that Ball Python is one of the snakes that are not very large.

Habitat and facts of Ball Python

Ball Python live today on two continents in the World. The continent where the snake lived and that even increased lived North America. 1985, this snake spread to some countries in Africa such as South Africa and Senegal. People have this snake with his boat brought across the Atlantic Ocean because it was interesting for its appearance. This kind of snakes live in the woods today, but it can be seen in the water. Ball Python can remain in the water around 20 minutes.
This snake is moving the water to hunted small fish and frog. For the first time this snake is found as far back as 1935 in a small amount in the state of Mississippi and she still lives there. There are several types of snakes, but Python is the only snake native to North America. All other species of this snake that live today on the territory of North America are not from this continent, but someone took them from various parts of the World.

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