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Different types of snakes with pictures-all kinds of snakes

The world is 2400 kinds of snakes, which to this day recorded. Of these about 397 species of poisonous snakes, but only 50 are dangerous for human life.
Toxic the ground snakes are located in Australia and called ze "Australian Taipan.
This kind of snake is by nature peaceful and not aggressive.

There are several groups of snakes, which are divided into the following groups: Corn Snake, King Snake, Bull Snake, Common Keelback, Garter Snake, Rat Snake, Water Snake Mussurana, Smooth Snake, Milk Snake and Smooth Snake. Other snakes are classified in the other group of snakes such as mangrove snakes, tree snakes, vine snakes and the boomslangs.

Toxic kind of snakes in the world that there is a snake that lives in the sea. It is located in the Timor Sea near Australia. This snake is rarely seen and not so numerous. By some estimates these snakes has about 2500 thousand. It is called Belcher sea snakes. Feature snakes are cold and dry, the body which are covered with shell. This snake is not so dangerous to people because they live in remote areas of the people.The more snake bites where there are so densely populated places. Most deadly snake bites depends on the therapy that will be done. Death cases are happening in the main when not doing medical assistance on time, then the poison spread at great speed and covers the whole body of man.

Types of Snakes in Africa

The most dangerous snakes in Africa is certainly Siktavica. Known as a clumsy snake attack at high speed. Most often meets with people who have their domestic animals. She approached the localities for finding food. This snake is everywhere in Africa and there is a number in the most northern part of the Sahara. The more frequent bites of snakes cause death in humans, because in Africa there are few medical facilities that could help people bitten by this snake. There is another snake that was in its most dangerous species of snake poison in Africa. Called Sandstorms Ephah and is very small compared to Siktavica but nothing dangerous. It can be seen across the whole of Africa and in Asia. Its feature is to live in groups near populated areas. Famous writer Tony Phelps in his book wrote that the most deadly snakes, and most more people in the world suffers from it. Its average length is about 20 cm. It really squeezes his body so that her shell struzu and creates unusual sound. Its venom is highly toxic to humans. Toxicity creates strong damage in the body of man and death can occur after 15 days of the bite if they do not offer medical assistance. These two snakes are the most toxic snake species that exist in Africa but most people still more afraid of Mambo. This snake can reach a speed of 20 km per hour. Black Mamba attack when she lifted her teli and high-speed jumps on the prey. Black Mamba injected a large amount of toxins in their prey and it is very deadly. Its mortality rate is 100%. In Africa there are three types of green Mambo and unlike Black Mamba they are not so dangerous to humans.

Types of Snakes in the United States

In the United States there are 19 types of snakes are poisonous to man. 5 species belong to the group "rattled". Are famous for the fact that in your body are part them. When you move the snakes produce a specific sound that distinguishes them from all other snakes. Gold Diamond rattlesnake can grow about 2 meters. This snake can be found in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. She lives in the desert and can not be seen in areas where there are water. Due to the large number of these types of snakes and because the places where they live, quite often seen in the vicinity of the snake people in America considered for one of the most fatal snake.

Types of Snakes in Europe

In Europe there is a lot of kind of snakes that are dangerous to man. And when it happens to snake bite are resolved quickly with medical help, because all states in Europe are ready to help people by bites. In Europe, I can not find a biggest snake, but they are snakes that are up to 60 cm.Dangerous snakes in Europe adder snakes in the family. When it comes to their bites in humans there is pain and swelling, which quickly spread throughout the body.

Types of Snakes in Australia

In Australia there are more than not dangerous poisonous snake that makes Australia the most dangerous in the World kontinenton of poisonous snakes. The most numerous are the snakes of the family Elapidae.

Types of Snake with pictures

Black Mamba

Banded water Snake

Ball Python

Australian common tiger snake


Fer de lance Snake

Emeral tree boa Snake

Egyptian Cobra

Desert King Snake

Corn Snake

Coral Snake

Copper Snake

Comon Garter Snake

Common ader Snake


Cape Cobra

California Snake

Burmese Python Snake

Bull Snake

Brown House Snake

Scarlet Snake

Temple vit Viper Snake

Moccasin Snake

Western Coachwip Snake

White Python Snake

Mozambique Cobra

Yellow Snake

Pacific Snake

King Cobra

Hognose Snake

Godman's Pitviper
Blue racer
Philippine Cobra
Kraits Krait
Belcher's Sea Snake
Australian Copperheads
Red Spitting
Inland Taipan
Papuan Taipan
Coastal Taipan
Eastern Brown Snake
Mainland Tiger Snake
Peninsula Tiger Snake
Chappell Island tiger snake
Black Headed Death Adder
Barkly Tableland Death Adder
Desert Death Adder
Northern Death Adder
Russell’s Viper
Saw-Scaled Viper
Rough-Scaled Snake
Papuan Black Snake
Multibanded Krait
Stephen's Banded Snake
Spotted Black Snake
Collett's Snake
Mulga Snake
Red-bellied Black Snake
Small-Eyed Snake
Marbled Headed Whip Snake
Barba Amarilla
Horned Sea Snake
Highland Copperhead
Pygmy Copperhead
Bardick Snake
Pale-Headed Snake
Broad-Headed Snake
Butler's Snake
Speckled Brown Snake
Peninsula Brown Snake
Ringed Brown Snake

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