Saturday, January 8, 2011

More Advanced Needs of a Reptile

In my last blog post I talked about the basics of reptile care. Their more advanced needs involve the processes of their metabolism and stimulating their natural behaviors. All reptiles need vitamin D3, phosphorous and calcium among other vitamins and minerals. They use the calcium to build their bones. They use the D3 and phosphorous to absorb the calcium from their blood into their bones. What kind of reptile you have will determine the amount of these needed. They all should have a 2:1 ratio of Ca and Ph in their diet. You'll have to do research on how much of these are already in their diet to determine how much more to give them. To get the D3 you can use a powder or liquid supplement or use a UVB light in order to stimulate the production of D3. I prefer using the light because that also gives them a more natural looking enclosure. Most reptile can see in the UV spectrum and it can help stimulate them to be more active and have a better apatite.
In order to help your pet feel more at home in his or her natural environment it will be necessary for you to research where he or she is from in the wild. If it is a desert animal you can use sand or slate tiles as a substrate with rocks to climb on. If it is from a tropical area coconut bark or jungle bark would be better with branches or vines to climb on. You can use naturalistic food and water bowls for a better appearance. After you've done all of that you'll want to get the light cycle right and possibly change it during the year if your pet would usually brumate during the winter months.

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