Saturday, January 8, 2011

Reptile Lighting

KLassic Reptiles

One of the most important things a reptile needs is correct lighting. It not only regulates their photo period and provides essential UVB rays, it also allows them to see there environment. Now this last one sounds pretty obvious but what most people don't realize is that most reptiles can see into the UV range and some into the IR range. So providing a UV light is important for them to feel more at home and can stimulate better appetite and activity. Some of their food sources would faintly glow in UV light and that will make it more appealing to your reptile. There can also be too much UV though. so I recaomend not using a light higher than 8% UV.
One major concern is the use of compact coil lights. They produce too high of concentration of UV light and can cause blindness if the reptile can get too close to the light.

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