Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to catch tokay gecko

Do you know how to catch tokek or Tokay Gecko? I asked my dad how he catch his tokek. My dad is not a Tokek expert or breeder. He keep this animal just as an experience on how to keep that animals as a pets. If you look at my picture, the tokek can get out from my dad cage easily. The holes are to big for his tokek. Maybe they keep on staying because my dad keep on giving them free food. He feed them home lizards that he slings during his free time.

My dad tokek exactly live at our home. He catch the tokek the same as he catch the home lizards. He slings them using rubber slings. When the tokek fall from the ceiling, he catch them using an old cloth. It sound a little bit cruel but i don't see any bruising on the animals when my dad put them first time in that cage. Its tail still intact even though from my reading, tokek tail is the same as home lizards tail, it can loose its tail if any enemy interfere them. The tokek pair is still happily living in the cage until today. (Sound like I am talking about a happy human couple?)

From my reading, some people catch tokek using a fur. They lure the fur in front the nest so that the tokek will come out from its nest. After the animal come out, they catch it with tweezers or cloth. The fur is attach with a string so the tokek will think that it is a food that moving towards its nest. Another way, you can also drunk it with tobacco. Tokay Gecko is a territorial animal. It will attack anything that disturbing his nest. The tobacco will be put in front of its nest, when they bite the tobacco, they will feel dizzy and that is the time you get your tweezers or cloth to catch that tokek.
You need to remember one important thing, never ever catch the tokek with your bare hand. when the tokek bite, they often won't let go for a few minutes and rarely up to an hour or more, and generally difficult to remove without causing harm to the Gecko. One way of getting a Tokay to release its hold is to submerge the animal in water or settle it down, which will encourage the lizard to let go, without causing it any harm or undue stress. A less stressful method is to simply put a drop of vinegar on the gecko's nose. This is sometimes enough to get them to let go.

Any of you saw tokek lizard in your living room lately? You can be a millionaire selling this animal you know.

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