Tuesday, February 8, 2011

crazy Gecko lizard in Malaysia

Everyone in Malaysia are crazy about Gecko lizard or tokek right now including my father. Anyone of you heard how this reptile tokek or tokay gecko can go on sell for RM30,000? Some says that a buyer from Holland will buy your one kilogram of single tokek for over 6 million ringgit. Do you know why European buy this animal? I heard it is because of the tongue, it can help increasing our body fighting HIV or AIDS.
My Father own one pair of tokek right now. Both of the animal he catch from our house. Last time he told me that he catch it using a towel. He afraid that the tokek tongue will stick to his hand as the tongue is poisonous. From my reading, when the tokek bite, they often won't let go for a few minutes and rarely up to an hour or more, and generally difficult to remove without causing harm to the Gecko. One way of getting a Tokay to release its hold is to submerge the animal in water or settle it down, which will encourage the lizard to let go, without causing it any harm or undue stress. A less stressful method is to simply put a drop of vinegar on the gecko's nose. This is sometimes enough to get them to let go.

In my office, my second boss busy with his tokay farm. I manage to take a picture one of his tokek pen. I don't know where they put their tokek now. Last time, I saw over a dozen of that animal in the same tokek house.

Have you heard how Tokay sound? Their mating call, a loud croak, is variously described as sounding like tokeh or gekk-gekk.

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