Tuesday, February 8, 2011

How to differentiate male and female gecko

How to differentiate male and female tokay? Its not that hard. Male have a brighter color then female with blue grey in color with red orange spot. While female tokay gecko a little bit darker with grey color with red orange spotting but not as bright color as male. I think it is the same as all animals, the brighter colour is to attract their female. The male also is the one with the loud barking sound; To.., kek. To..., kek. That's also how this lizard got its name. As you can see in my first picture, the tokek exactly is still young about two months old. When they become older, the male tokek also become bigger then female. Its hard for me to take picture of the older female tokay geyco because she is a little bit shy.

How to differentiate male and female gecko:
  • Darker color will be female gecko.
  • The male will make matting sound. Gec.., co.... Gec.., co....

How about this one in the picture. Is this female or male tokek?

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